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Visit Config UI: http://localhost:4000 and go to Connections page.

Step 1 - Add Data Connections


Connection Name

Give your connection a unique name to help you identify it in the future.

Endpoint URL

This should be a valid REST API endpoint

  • The endpoint url should end with /.

App Id/Secret Key

Input the app id and secret key of your Teambition account, you can follow the steps as below. image-20230404213648139image

You should ensure that you have added all the necessary "get" and "list" authentication methods.


Tenant Type/Tenant Id

It is important to add your app before finding the Tenant Id.




Proxy URL (Optional)

If you are behind a corporate firewall or VPN you may need to utilize a proxy server. Enter a valid proxy server address on your network, e.g.

Ralte Limit (Optional)

For Teambition, we suggest you setting the rate limit to 5000

Test and Save Connection

Click Test Connection, if the connection is successful, click Save Connection to add the connection.

Step 2 - Configure Blueprint

Similar to other beta plugins, Teambition does not support project, which means, you can only collect Teambition data via blueprint's advanced mode.

Please go to the Blueprints page and switch to advanced mode. See how to use advanced mode and JSON examples.


If you run into any problem, please check the Troubleshooting or create an issue