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Debug Engineering Process
Demystify Dev Data
Apache DevLake (Incubating) ingests, analyzes, and visualizes the fragmented data from DevOps tools to extract insights for engineering excellence, developer experience, and community growth.
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Why Apache DevLake
Defragment Your Data Silos
Your Dev Data lives in many silos and tools. DevLake brings them all together to give you a complete view of your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
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Out-of-the-box Analysis
From DORA to scrum retros, DevLake implements metrics effortlessly with prebuilt dashboards supporting common frameworks and goals.
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Flexible. Extensible. Adaptable.
DevLake fits teams of all shapes and sizes, and can be readily extended to support new data sources, metrics, and dashboards, with a flexible framework for data collection and transformation.
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Supported Data Sources
JiraTAPDGitHubGitLabBitBucketGiteeJenkinsGitHub ActionGitLab CIFeishu
More data sources coming soon...
Use Cases
Open Source Maintainers
Fuel Community Growth with Analysis
Grow your community strategically with insights on how developers participate, contribute, and collaborate.
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Product Managers
Dev Workflow Improvement
Align sprint planning with high-level goals and ensure the development progress is on track.
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Engineering Leads
Implement DORA Fast
Implement DORA metrics in minutes to enable and manage delivery processes your developers and users will love.
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Data Engineers
The Foundation to Build What You Want
Integrate user-defined data sources with DevLake and easily implement customized metrics and dashboards without reinventing the wheel.
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Join our community to stay up to date with the latest news, ask and answer questions, make contributions, and connect with fellow community members!
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