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Visit Config UI at: http://localhost:4000.

Step 1 - Add Data Connections


Connection Name

Give your connection a unique name to help you identify it in the future.


Paste your PagerDuty personal access token (PAT) here. You may make it a Read-Only token for the plugin's purposes.

Test and Save Connection

Click Test Connection, if the connection is successful, click Save Connection to add the connection.

Step 1 - Add Data Connection

Create a project for PagerDuty by adding the connection created above to it.


Step 2 - Setting Data Scope

Select services

Select the services you want to collect data from.


Data Entities

PagerDuty supports the following data entities.

  • Issue Tracking: These map to PagerDuty incidents.

Step 3 - Adding Transformation Rules (Optional)

Currently, this plugin does not support transformation rules, so skip this page by clicking Next Step.

Step 4 - Set Sync Policy

Set the sync policy as you see fit. Note that PagerDuty can only collect data from up to 6 months prior to the present time.



If you run into any problem, please check the Troubleshooting or create an issue