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PR Review Time

What is this metric?

The time it takes to complete a code review of a PR before it gets merged.

Why is it important?

Code review should be conducted almost in real-time and usually take less than two days. Abnormally long PR Review Time may indicate one or more of the following problems:

  1. The PR size is too large that makes it difficult to review.
  2. The team is too busy to review code.

Which dashboard(s) does it exist in?

How is it calculated?

This metric is the time frame between when the first comment is added to a PR, to when the PR is merged.

Data Sources Required

This metric relies on PRs/MRs collected from GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Gitee or other code review tools.

Data Transformation Required


SQL Queries

The following SQL shows how to find the review time of a specific PR. DevLake pre-calculates the metric and stores it in table.project_pr_metrics.

pr_review_time/60 as 'PR Review Time(h)'

If you want to measure the monthly trend of PR review time in the screenshot below, please run the following SQL in Grafana.

DATE_ADD(date(pr.created_date), INTERVAL -DAY(date(pr.created_date))+1 DAY) as time,
avg(ppm.pr_review_time)/60 as 'PR Review Time(h)'
pull_requests pr
JOIN project_pr_metrics ppm ON =

How to improve?

  1. Use DevLake's dashboards to monitor your delivery progress;
  2. Use automated tests for the initial work;
  3. Reduce PR size;
  4. Analyze the causes for long reviews.