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PR Deploy Time

What is this metric?

The time it takes from when a PR is merged to when it is deployed.

Why is it important?

  1. Based on historical data, establish a baseline of the delivery capacity of a single iteration to improve the organization and planning of R&D resources.
  2. Evaluate whether the delivery capacity matches the business phase and demand scale. Identify key bottlenecks and reasonably allocate resources.

Which dashboard(s) does it exist in?

How is it calculated?

PR deploy time is calculated by subtracting a PR's deployed_date and merged_date. Hence, we should associate PR/MRs with deployments.

Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Find the commits diff between two consecutive deployments by deployments' commit_sha under the same scope and environment (in terms of TESTING/STAGING/PRODUCTION), for example, we will get commit-2 and commit-3 by calculating commits_diff between deployment-1 and deployment-2, which means commit-2 and commit-3 are deployed by deployment-2
  2. Connect PR/MR and commits_diff through merge_commit or pr_commit, for example, we get pr-3 connected to commit-3
  3. Now we can get pr-3's deploy time by finish_time of deployment-2 minus merge_time of pr-3.
Data Transformation Required

This metric relies on two sources:

  1. PR/MRs collected from GitHub or GitLab by enabling "Code Review" under the Data Entities section.
  2. Deployments collected in one of the following ways::
    • Open APIs of Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, etc by enabling "CICD" under the Data Entities section.
    • Webhook for general CI tools.
    • Releases and PR/MRs from GitHub, GitLab APIs, etc.
SQL Queries

The following SQL shows how to find the deploy time of a specific PR. DevLake pre-calculates the metric and stores it in table.project_pr_metrics.

pr_deploy_time/60 as 'PR Deploy Time(h)'

If you want to measure the monthly trend of PR deploy time in the screenshot below, please run the following SQL in Grafana.

DATE_ADD(date(pr.created_date), INTERVAL -DAY(date(pr.created_date))+1 DAY) as time,
avg(ppm.pr_deploy_time)/60 as 'PR Deploy Time(h)'
pull_requests pr
JOIN project_pr_metrics ppm ON =

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