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Version: v0.21

Dashboard Troubleshooting

Debugging DORA Issue Metrics

This section may help if Median Time to Restore Service (MTTR) or Change Failure Rate (CFR) do not appear on the dashboards or you want to learn more about how these issue-based metrics are built.

DORA Validation Dashboard

Starting from DevLake v0.18 this dashboard can be found near the DORA dashboard. Also, it can be accessed by a direct link in the Dashboard Instruction panel in the DORA dashboard.

This dashboard is a step-by-step guide to check which step went wrong for all 4 of the DORA metrics. The sections are:

  • Check "Deployment Frequency"
  • Check "Median Lead Time for Changes"
  • Check "Change Failure Rate" & "Median Time to Restore Service

SQL scripts behind Grafana charts

Each chart has a hidden button in the top-right corner to access the context menu. In that menu, click Edit to open a more detailed view with the script that tells how exactly the data is queried.

How issues and deployments are associated to projects

Following Entity-Relationship diagrams below represent how the data is mapped and used for each of the 4 DORA metrics. They are based on the SQL queries for each of the charts.


  • Blue box: user data source, be it deployments, pull requests from the source code, or issues
  • White box: a table or entity used by DevLake
  • Connections: lines that tell how the tables are mapped, also specify which fields are used.

The project_mapping is responsible for mapping deployments, pull requests from the source code, or issues. To do so, it must be filtered using either table = 'cicd_scopes', table = 'repos', or table = 'boards' when connecting to another table.

If you use webhooks

DevLake knows to which project an issue or a deployment belongs only by segregation between the webhooks. I.e. each project should have its own webhook. A webhook used by multiple projects means that all the issues or deployments published by that webhook will be replicated among those projects, as they belong to both of them.


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