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Version: v0.21

Security and Authentication

The document explains how you can set up Apache DevLake securely.

First of all, there are 4 services included in the deployment:

  • database: mysql is supported, you may use it or any other compatible DBS like cloud-based systems. You should follow the document from the database to make it secure.
  • grafana: You are likely to use it most of the time, browsing built-in dashboards, and creating your own customized metric. grafana supports User Management, please follow the official document to set it up based on your need.
  • devlake: This is the core service for Data Collection and Metric Calculation, all collected/calculated data would be stored to the database, and accessed by the grafana service. devlake itself doesn't support User Management of any kind, so we don't recommend that you expose its port to the outside world.
  • config-ui: A web interface to set up devlake to do the work. You may set up an automated blueprint to collect data. config-ui supports Basic Authentication, by simply set up the Environment Variable ADMIN_USER and ADMIN_PASS for the container. There are commented lines in config-ui.environment section in our docker-compose.yml file for your convenience. In General, we suggest that you reduce the Attack Surface as small as possible.
  • database: Remove the ports if you don't need to access the database directly
  • devlake: Remove the ports section. If you want to call the API directly, do it via config-ui/api endpoint.
  • grafana: We have no choice but to expose the ports for people to browse the dashboards. However, you may want to set up the User Management, and a read-only database account for grafana
  • config-ui: Normally, exposing the ports with Basic Authentication is sufficient for Internal Deployment, you may choose to remove the ports and use techniques like k8s port-forwarding or expose-port-when-needed to enhance the security. Keep in mind config-ui is NOT designed to be used by many people, and it shouldn't be. Do NOT grant access if NOT necessary.

THIS IS DANGEROUS, DON'T DO IT. If you insist, here are some suggestions you may follow, please consult Security Advisor before everything:

  • database: Same as above.
  • grafana: Same as above. In addition, set up the HTTPS for the transportation.
  • devlake: Same as above.
  • config-ui: Same as above. In addition, use port-forward if you are using k8s, otherwise, set up HTTPS for the transportation.


Security is complicated, all suggestions listed above are based on what we learned so far. Apache Devlake makes no guarantee of any kind, please consult your Security Advisor before applying.


If you run into any problem, please check the Troubleshooting or create an issue