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Tool Layer Schema


This document describes Apache DevLake's tool layer schema.

Referring to DevLake's architecture, the Tool layer extracts raw data from JSONs into a relational schema that's easier to consume by analytical tasks. Each DevOps tool would have a schema that's tailored to its data structure, hence the name, the Tool layer.

Use Cases

As a user, you can check tool data tables to verify data quality if you have concerns about the domain layer data.

Data Models

Tool layer tables start with a prefix _tool_. Each plugin contains multiple tool data tables, the naming convension of these tables is _tool_{plugin}_{entity}. For instance,

  • _tool_jira_issues
  • _tool_jira_boards
  • _tool_jira_board_issues`
  • ...

Normally, you do not need to use tool layer tables, unless you have one of the above use cases.