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System Tables


This document describes Apache DevLake's data models of its own entities. These tables are used and managed by the Devlake framework.

Use Cases

  1. As a user, you can check _devlake_blueprints and _devlake_pipelines when failing to collect data via DevLake's blueprint.
  2. As a contributor, you can check these tables to debug task concurrency or data migration features.

Data Models

These tables start with a prefix _devlake. Unlike raw or tool data tables, DevLake only contains one set of system tables. The naming convension of these tables is _raw_{plugin}_{entity}, such as

  • _devlake_blueprints
  • _devlake_pipelines
  • _devlake_tasks
  • _devlake_subtasks
  • ...

Normally, you do not need to use these tables, unless you have one of the above use cases.