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Trademark Guidelines

Version 1.0 dated July 7, 2022

This trademark policy was prepared to help you understand how to use the Apache DevLake(incubating) trademarks, service marks and logos with Apache DevLake(incubating) software.

While some of our software is available under a free and open source software license, that copyright license does not include a license to use our trademark, and this Policy is intended to explain how to use our marks consistent with background law and community expectation.

This Policy covers:

  1. Our word trademarks and service marks: Apache DevLake(incubating), DevLake
  2. Our logos: The Apache DevLake(incubating) logo at the top of the this website's menu bar

This policy encompasses all trademarks and service marks, whether they are registered or not.


Whenever you use one of our marks, you must always do so in a way that does not mislead anyone about what they are getting and from whom. For example, you cannot say you are distributing the Apache DevLake software when you’re distributing a modified version of it, because recipients may not understand the differences between your modified versions and our own. You also cannot use our logo on your website in a way that suggests that your website is an official website or that we endorse your website.

You can, though, say you like the Apache DevLake software, that you participate in the Apache DevLake community, that you are providing an unmodified version of the Apache DevLake software.

You may not use or register our marks, or variations of them as part of your own trademark, service mark, domain name, company name, trade name, product name or service name.

Trademark law does not allow your use of names or trademarks that are too similar to ours. You therefore may not use an obvious variation of any of our marks or any phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation for a similar or compatible product or service. We would consider the following too similar to one of our Marks:


Apache DevLake


Unmodified code

When you redistribute an unmodified copy of our software -- the exact form in which we make it available -- you must retain the marks we have placed on the software to identify your redistribution.

Modified code

If you distribute a modified version of our software, you must remove all of our logos from it. To assist you with this, we have removed our logos from our source trees, and include them only in our binaries. You may use our word marks, but not our logos, to truthfully describe the origin of the software that you are providing. For example, if the code you are distributing is a modification of our software, you may say, “This software is derived from the source code for Apache DevLake software.”

Statements about compatibility

You may use the word marks, but not the logos, to truthfully describe the relationship between your software and ours. Any other use may imply that we have certified or approved your software. If you wish to use our logos, please contact us to discuss license terms.

User groups

You can use the Word Marks as part of your user group name provided that:

  • The main focus of the group is our software
  • The group does not make a profit
  • Any charge to attend meetings are to cover the cost of the venue, food and drink only

You are not authorized to conduct a conference using our marks.

No Domain Names

You must not register any domain that includes our word marks or any variant or combination of them.


When you have the right to use our mark, here is how to display it.

Trademark marking and legends

The first or most prominent mention of a mark on a webpage, document, or documentation should be accompanied by a symbol indicating whether the mark is a registered trademark (“®”) or an unregistered trademark (“™”). If you don’t know which applies, contact us.

Place the following notice at the foot of the page where you have used the mark: “Apache DevLake is trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.”

Use of trademarks in text

Always use trademarks in their exact form with the correct spelling, neither abbreviated, hyphenated, or combined with any other word or words.

Unacceptable: Apache-DB

Don’t pluralize a trademark.

Unacceptable: I have seventeen Apache DevLakes running in my lab.

Always use a trademark as an adjective modifying a noun.

Unacceptable: This is an Apache DevLake.

Acceptable: This is a Apache DevLake software application.

Use of Logos

You may not change any logo except to scale it. This means you may not add decorative elements, change the colors, change the proportions, distort it, add elements, or combine it with other logos.

However, when the context requires the use of black-and-white graphics and the logo is color, you may reproduce the logo in a manner that produces a black-and-white image.

These guidelines are based on the Model Trademark Guidelines, available at, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: