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· 4 min read
Danna Wang

Apache DevLake is an integration tool with the DevOps data collection functionality, which presents a different stage of data to development teams via Grafana. which also can leverage teams to improve the development process with a data-driven model.

Apache DevLack Architecture Overview

  • The left side of the following screenshot is an integrative DevOps data plugin, the existing plugins include Github, GitLab, JIRA, Jenkins, Tapd, Feishu, and the most featured analysis engine in the Simayi platform.
  • The main framework in the middle of the following screenshot, completes data collection, expansion, and conversion to the domain layer by running subtasks in the plugins. The user can trigger the tasks by config-UI or all API.
  • RMDBS currently supports Mysql and PostgresSQL, more databases will be supported in the future.
  • Grafana can generate different types of needed data by using SQL.


Then let’s move on to how to start running DevLake.

· 2 min read
Klesh Wong

上周(2022-05-12),我们以先到先得的方式为大家列出了两个"good first issue"。 这很有趣,它们几乎立刻就被拿走了...... 但对于那些有兴趣但没有得到的人来说可能就不那么有趣了。


我们决定,不再有竞争,你可以从我们的github issue pages中挑选你喜欢的issue。如果没有了,甚至可以创建你自己的。 我们毕竟是社区!


进入我们的问题页面,然后点击这里。我们所有的Good First Issue都列在这里! good first issue

  • 首先,寻找现有的issues,找到一个你喜欢的。 你可以通过评论"I'll take it!"来预订它。 接下来你可以写一份“攻略”,以展示你对问题的理解和你将采取什么样的步骤来解决这个issue,然后开始Coding。

  • 如果没有GFI了怎么办?创造你自己的issue! 现在,通过查看我们的代码库。 你肯定能发现很多问题,比如文档、单元测试,甚至是错字。 把你觉得不对的地方提出来,我们会验证它是否必要, 然后你就可以开始Coding了。

  • 最后,你可能会问,我为什么要费尽心思为你写代码? 不不不,你不是为我们写代码,你是为社区里的每个人写代码,你是为自己写代码。 为了提高你的技能,为了学习如何与他人合作。而对于那些做出重大贡献的人, 我们为您提供一个Apache Committer的席位,甚至是PPMC!


· 2 min read
Maxim Wheatley

We are excited to share today that the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) voted to make DevLake an officially supported project of the Apache Incubator.

What is DevLake?

Launched in December of 2021, Apache DevLake is an open-source dev data platform that ingests, analyzes, and visualizes the fragmented data in developer tools.

Software development is complex, requiring many tools and processes, and as a result creates a storm of data scattered across tools in many formats. This makes it difficult to organize, query, and make sense of. We built Apache DevLake, to make it easy to make sense of this rich data and to translate it into actionable insights.

· 5 min read
Warren Chen

Apache DevLake 是一个DevOps数据收集和整合工具,通过 Grafana 为开发团队呈现出不同阶段的数据,让团队能够以数据为驱动改进开发流程。

Apache DevLake 架构概述

  • 左边是可集成的DevOps数据插件,目前已有的插件包括 Github,Gitlab,JIRA,Jenkins,Tapd,Feishu 以及思码逸主打的代码分析引擎
  • 中间是主体框架,通过主体框架运行插件中的子任务,完成数据的收集,扩展,并转换到领域层,用户可以通过 config-ui 或者 api 调用的形式来触发任务
  • RMDBS 目前支持 Mysql 和 PostgreSQL,后期还会继续支持更多的数据库
  • Grafana 可以通过sql语句生成团队需要的各种数据