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· 4 min read
Warren Chen

Apache DevLake is an integration tool with the DevOps data collection functionality, which presents a different stage of data to development teams via Grafana. which also can leverage teams to improve the development process with a data-driven model.

Apache DevLack Architecture Overview

  • The left side of the following screenshot is an integrative DevOps data plugin, the existing plugins include Github, GitLab, JIRA, Jenkins, Tapd, Feishu, and the most featured analysis engine in the Simayi platform.
  • The main framework in the middle of the following screenshot, completes data collection, expansion, and conversion to the domain layer by running subtasks in the plugins. The user can trigger the tasks by config-UI or all API.
  • RMDBS currently supports Mysql and PostgresSQL, more databases will be supported in the future.
  • Grafana can generate different types of needed data by using SQL.


Then let’s move on to how to start running DevLake.

· 2 min read
Maxim Wheatley

We are excited to share today that the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) voted to make DevLake an officially supported project of the Apache Incubator.

What is DevLake?

Launched in December of 2021, Apache DevLake is an open-source dev data platform that ingests, analyzes, and visualizes the fragmented data in developer tools.

Software development is complex, requiring many tools and processes, and as a result creates a storm of data scattered across tools in many formats. This makes it difficult to organize, query, and make sense of. We built Apache DevLake, to make it easy to make sense of this rich data and to translate it into actionable insights.