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Version: v0.14

Configuring Jenkins

Visit config-ui: http://localhost:4000.

Step 1 - Add Data Connections


Connection Name

Name your connection.

Endpoint URL

This should be a valid REST API endpoint. Eg. The endpoint url should end with /.

Username (E-mail)

Your User ID for the Jenkins Instance.


For help on Username and Password, please see Jenkins docs on using credentials. You can also use "API Access Token" for this field, which can be generated at User -> Configure -> API Token section on Jenkins.

Test and Save Connection

Click Test Connection, if the connection is successful, click Save Connection to add the connection.

Step 2 - Setting Data Scope

There is no data cope setting for Jenkins.

Step 3 - Adding Transformation Rules (Optional)

There are no transformation rules for Jenkins.

Step 4 - Setting Sync Frequency

You can choose how often you would like to sync your data in this step by selecting a sync frequency option or enter a cron code to specify your prefered schedule.