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Version: v0.14

Install via Rainbond

This tutorial is for users who don't know Kubernetes. Rainbond is cloud native application management platform built on Kubernetes, easy to use, no need to know Kubernetes knowledge, easily deploy applications in Kubernetes.

Install DevLake in Rainbond is the easiest way to get started.


  • Rainbond 5.8.x or above

Deploy DevLake

1.Login to Rainbond console, click Market in the left menu, switch to open source app store, and search DevLake in the search box, and click Install button.

2.fill in the installation information, and click Confirm button startup install.

  • Team: select a team or create a new team
  • Cluster: select a cluster
  • Application: select an application or create a new application
  • Version: select a version

3.Moment later, DevLake will be installed successfully, via the Access button to access DevLake.

Next Step

Creating a Blueprint, ref Tutorial